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Arguments against Latin (1994)

CouturatA survey of modern argumentation about the use of Latin and the alleged causes of its decline. A paper read at the international conference Nations and Languages, and the Construction of Europe, Leuven, november, 1994.


The use of Latin: the social construction of sociolinguistics (1992)

Newton-PrincipiaIn this paper I have tried to follow the main suggestions of Aracil (1971, 1980, 1988). His main purpose was to draw our attention to the historical sources of sociolinguistic concepts and the way we shape a kind of sociolinguistic mentality to judge linguistic uses. An abbreviated version of this paper was presented in the XVth International Congress of Linguists held at Laval University (Quebec), 9-14 August, 1992, under the title Latin and Vernaculars in the XVIIIth Century.