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Llull and the sixth sense

llullfigtThis paper examines the treatise about language composed by the philosopher Ramon Llull, The sixth sense (1294), in its historical perspective, looking for its place among present day semiotic discussions. First, a brief account of Llull’s contribution to medieval philosophy is offered, followed by the distinctive features that single out his approach. Then, the paper presents a description of the Lullian treatise, fixing its main argumentative points. Further, we approach a succinct discussion of medieval Doctrina signorum and the particular way Llull chose to present his Art. Finally, plausible links between Llull and Peircean pragmatism are explored, in order to introduce the Lullian text in a broader explanatory context.

Beirträge zur Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft, 24 (2014), 173-200

Posted in Bioantropologia.